College Work

Recipient of a Certificate of Achievement for Distinguished Achievement in Dramaturgy from the State University of New York at New Paltz

Member of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theater Honor Society – Kappa Lambda Chapter


Oedipus Recalls

37536375_883679641818012_3975418950333759488_nI was recruited to the design team for the world-premiere Oedipus Recalls as Production Dramaturg late November 2017.  Oedipus Recalls was presented on the SUNY New Paltz campus at Parker Theatre, running the weekend of May 4th-6th, 2018.

Oedipus Recalls is an absurdist retelling of the Oedipus Cycle, following his exile from Thebes.  Oedipus in solitude recalls the events of his life, desperately trying to place blame on someone or something.  As the evidence stacks against him, Oedipus only finds fate to be inescapable.  Jocasta, Creon, and other figures of his past appear to him in taunting visions of his mind as Oedipus is forced to face the truth.a74319f808fe483bda22fe7053e0983b

Oedipus the King follows the journey of a man who, through his personal arrogance, denies that he is in the clutches of fate.  Oedipus Rex finds his city of Thebes in the clutches of a plague, as the murderer of the old king, Laius, still escapes justice. He declares banishment on the guilty party and sets forth in finding the perpetrator.  As his investigation continues, however, he finds himself more entwined than he ever thought possible.

    Oedipus Recalls picks up as Oedipus enacts his own banishment.  In his travels to Colonus, he begins to think back on the past events.  In his searching for fault to place, Oedipus finds himself grasping at fate’s red strings, leaving him with the question: can one really escape their fate?



To Kill a Mockingbird


Fall semester of 2017, I had the privilege of serving as Production Dramaturg on their production of To Kill a Mockingbird.  this play closely follows the events of the novel while effectively condensing it to serve as a staged adaptation.

My introduction to the actors was a presentation on Harper Lee that I prepared and presented at the end of a rehearsal early in the process.  I got to help and  work one on one with actors on character development as it pertained to their role in society at the time.  Another big part of my job was community outreach and audience interaction.  I was put in charge of reaching out to visiting high schools and see what preparational materials theymartine and i would want for their classrooms.  I also got to serve as co-moderator along with Martine Green-Rogers (my faculty supervisor for the project) in a pre-show discussion panel hosted by the Hudson Valley Writing Project to discuss “Why this play now?”  We had a very engaged crowd who posed interesting and provoking questions and added insightful anecdotes.  Given the political climate, we were also able to keep the discussion non-partisan, focusing on the roots of issues. Working on To Kill a Mockingbird was the perfect environment to navigate my first dramaturgical position and helped me solidify that this is the career I’m going to pursue.

noemckbrd drgy qs



Fresh Act Productions

“There is always something so impressive about witnessing a production completely written, casted, directed, produced by and starring students. Fresh Act’s annual fall showcase was no exception to this.”  – The New Paltz Oracle

1 front page

Fresh Act Productions is the producing body for the biannual Fresh Act Play Festival at SUNY New Paltz, a collection of short pieces created by students, and facilitates creative growth and experimentation in theatre.  The Fresh Act Play Festival is produced, directed, performed, designed, and often written by students at SUNY New Paltz. At the beginning of every semester, directors and writers propose theatre pieces that are ten minutes or shorter. The three producers select a lineup for the semester from the proposals, then auditions are held where the directors cast their scenes. Throughout the semester, directors organize their own rehearsal schedule with their cast, and the pieces are presented to the public in the Fresh Act Play Festival at the end of each semester.

Producer from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018
Director  –  The Shield in Spring 2018
Director  –  Hang Me, Oh Hang Me in Spring 2017
Director  –  The Proposal in Spring 2015
Actor (Frank)  –  Frank’s Missing Pruners (Dir. Scout Mercer) in Fall 2017
Actor (Alex)  –  numbers on a page (Dir.Tony Gordon) in Spring 2017
Actor (Vagabond One)  –  Orphans (Dir.Geneva Turner) in Spring 2016
Actor (Josh)  –  Matrix (Dir. Daniel Finegold) in Spring 201626543354_10156179532294203_1990760115_o

Through all four years of my college career, I was involved with Fresh Act Productions in one capacity or another, through directing, acting, and producing.  Whether onstage or off, the many ways I’d gotten to help put Fresh Act up have each offered their own unique opportunities, challenges, and triumphs.

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